A Brief History Of The Company

The Company was established on September 20, 1972 as PT. Indonesia Lease Corporation (Indo Lease), then changed its name to PT. Mitra Pradityatama Leasing (1988), PT. Niaga Leasing Corporation (1995), PT. Niaga Leasing (2000),and PT. Niaga Indovest Finance (2001). Based on the Minutes of Meetings Deed No.39 dated December 13, 2005, the Company’s name was changed to PT HD Finance and the Company obtained permission in the letter of change the name from decree of Minister of Finance of Republic of Indonesia No.KEP-012/KM-012/2006 dated June 19, 2006.  

On May 10, 2011. PT HD Finance listed its shares (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with code HDFA which 460 million shares or equivalent to 29.87% available for the public. 

On March 8, 2013, PT HD Corpora dan Wealth Paradise Holdings Limited as the majority and controlling shareholders of the Company, released 45% of the Company’s shares to PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT). Later on May 22, 2013 TMT bought further 11,21% of company’s shares as the result of mandatory tender offer. Currently TMT is the Company’s controlling shareholder with 55.81% of the Company’s issued and fully paid shares. 

With TMT as the new controlling shareholder of the Company, the name of the Company was then changed to PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk based on the resolution of General Meeting Shareholders held on May 2014. 

In July 2015, the amount of TMT shares ownership in the Company increased to 70.78% or equivalent of 1.648.921.332 shares, as a result of the implementation of Limited Public Offering I through the Company’s Rights Issue.

The Company currently has its headquarters in Jakarta with Branch Offices spreads across Java and Sumatera. As end of November 2015, the Company has total of 49 Branch Offices.


Business fields 

The Company’s main business as on the Company’s Articles of Association, are Investment Financing, Working Capital Financing, Multipurpose Financing and Others consumer financing. Based on the resolution of OJK, the Company run operation rent and /or fee based activity and Sharia Financing as well. 

Currently the Company business more focused in field of consumer financing of two wheeled motor vehicles, both new and used motorcycles, used four wheeled motor vehicles, multipurpose financing include Housing Finance (dana griya) as well.  In line with the development of multifinance business in the future, the Company is expanding for new opportunity to start other line of businesses within the framework of the Company’s main business. 

Business fields

A Brief History of the Company
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