Jajaran Direksi

Evy Indahwaty
President Director

Indonesia citizen, born in Jember, East Java on April 12, 1966. Graduated Diploma 3 Faculty of Economics from University of Jember in 1987 and her Bachelor degree from Moch Serudji Jember University in 1991 with Management Economics major.

Started her career in Bank Niaga since 1989 to 1997 and then she joined in financing company, Adira Finance from 1997 to 2005 with her last position as Head of Marketing, Credit and Collection Division. From 2005 to 2013, she joined another Financing Company, Suzuki Finance in various positions with her last position as Senior Executive. During her terms, Suzuki Finance has been awarded as the big 5 company with outstanding performance in 2007 from Infobank Magazine and in 2009 received awards from International Achievement Foundation for customer satisfaction. She was appointed as a President Director of the Company in June 2013 by the Resolutions of the GMS dated June 27, 2013.


Vice President Director

Indonesia citizen, born on March 6, 1973. Graduated from Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya in 1996 with Bachelor of Information Technology degree. Earned Master degree ini Management from IBMT Surabaya in 2003, with magna cum laude honors.

He started his career with PT Sempati Air Jakarta ( 1996 ) and then joined PT Arta Boga Cemerlang, Surabaya (1997), which is one of Orang Tua Group subsidiaries. He held various positions such as Head of Branch Office, IT Manager of East Java and was subsequently appointed as Head of Sales Division for East Java.

Appointed as the Company’s Regional Business Manager for East Java and Central Java (2005) and based on the Company’s GMS decision, he was appointed as Director of the Company on July 2011

In the Annual General Meeting of the Company on April 20, 2016 he appointed as Vice President Director.

Dody Rachmat

Indonesian citizen, 52 years old, born in Jakarta on April 21, 1962. He served as a Company’s Director based on the Resolution of AGMS in May 2014. He obtained a Diploma in Accounting from State Collage of Accounting (1984) and earned a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (1998).


His career experiences include :

- Senior Auditor in the Board of Finance and Development Supervision (1984 – 1991)

- Associate Manager Audit of Public Accounting Firm of Siddharta & Harsono (1991 – 1998)

- Manager of Audit and Business Advisory Services at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (1998 – 2002); and

- Financial Controller at PT Trakindo Utama (2003 – 2014)

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